Beerfest Asia 2017 | Singapore

Tribute Band - Slippery When Wet

Bon Jovi Tribute

Slippery when wet is the ultimate tribute to one of modern music’s most enduring bands, Bon Jovi based in Perth, Western Australia. Performing all of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits in a power packed musical spectacle, Slippery when wet do not disappoint!

With stunning attention to musical detail plus all the spirit and energy of a Bon Jovi live show, fans can expect a truly amazing experience. A sonic explosion of HITS, the Slippery when wet live show is a passionate and nostalgic “Big Production” ride through Bon Jovi massive career.

The band have hosted very successful events around Perth including four packed out shows in Fremantle the past four consecutive years. In 2016, the band took their act overseas when they performed two nights at Beerfest Asia in Singapore, as well as a huge outdoor gig for the Shire Of Kalgoorlie in February, a string of sold out pub shows around Perth and concluded the year with a massive New Years Eve on the Mandurah Foreshore for the City Of Mandurah.

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Tribute Band - Hysteria

Def Leppard Tribute

Hysteria is the ultimate tribute to one of rock’s most iconic bands Def Leppard, based in Perth Western Australia. Performing all of Def Leppard’s greatest hits in a powerhouse set, Hysteria delivers a massive production live show with stunning attention to musical detail.

Since the band’s conception in 2015, they have played a string of sold out shows around Perth. Bringing you all the CLASSIC HITS including: Pour Some Sugar On Me, Love Bites, Animal, Rocket plus many more…

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Tribute Band - Gunners

Guns N’ Roses Tribute

Gunners is Perth’s premier Guns N’ Roses tribute act – performing all of Guns N’ Roses greatest hits with complete authenticity. The group’s repertoire draws from Guns N’ Roses ‘classic’ era (1987-1993). Featuring all of the smash hits from their classic albums, the group has cut no corners in paying homage to the group dubbed ‘The Most Dangerous Band in the World’. With highly energized stage presence and professional sonic delivery, the group is set to satisfy the desires of Guns N’ Roses fans far and wide – and that’s no illusion!

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Special Performance - Deadbeat

DEADBEAT is essentially an unique high energy ‘Drum DJ’ set, delivered with conviction, layering live drums over and electric cross genre mash-up of the biggest party tunes on the planet. The uniqueness comes from the creation of a visual way to DJ, allowing listeners to sample a feverish live drum performance. DEADBEAT is an original, inspired live experience that will galvanize any party goers to move to the beat.. DEADBEAT.

Deadbeat is from the UK and is the brainchild of rock band I am Giant’s drummer Shelton Woolright.

Some proud work of Deadbeat; Dropping vocal stems of Biggie over Major Laser, Diplo into Nirvana, Dr Dre vs Rage Against The Machine, White Stripes over Snoop Dogg.

Local Band - The No Daddies

Direct to you from about 1972.  Via transcendental transmigration through a warp in the space-time continuum, the No-Daddies, lay down the hippest hits and grooviest blues-rock grooves from back when the music still rocked, man.  Flashback with some far-out cats from Singapore, Canada, and the UK to truly dig the scene, and the ear-bleeding, outtasight bliss of feeling All Right Now!

Local Band - The Lizard King

The Lizard King is a musical tribute to The Doors, whose influence on rock & roll and pop music is still felt to this day. Featuring a ‘who’s who’ of the Singapore rock scene, with Jason Siri as Jim Morrison, Daniel Wilson as Robby Krieger, Aynsley Green as Ray Manzarek, LJ Lee as John Densmore & and the addition of David Ng on bass , Chihaya Chic Hirai on guitars, the bands repertoire spans the freeform, eclectic & blues-tinged breadth of the Doors inimitable music.

Local Band - The Good Karma

Born out of a need to make bad puns while trying to achieve inner peace, this band is definitely different from your textbook music entity. Made up of Zsa Zsa, Amanda Tee, Lyndsey and Alvyn, with 3 decades of experience playing in venues of all shapes and smells, The Good Karma believes they have finally found the sweet spot in making music while having lots of fun.
With an innate love for 90’s rock, pop, folk and adorable cat pictures, The Good Karma promises nothing but a great musical zensation.

Local Band - The Day Trippers

The Day Trippers is an incredible line-up of some of our best musicians from Singapore spanning a few generations, all coming together for the love and celebration of The Beatles songbook.

The Beatles loving trio of Surath, lead vocalist with Reverie and Raw Earth, and Jack & Rai, one of Singapore’s most beloved music duos, fronts this unique 6-piece tribute band, accompanied by a solid rhythm section made up of Keith, Gary (Ublues) and lead guitar work by veteran musician Spencer (Tony, Terry & Spencer). The Day Trippers performs all the Beatles hits as well as more obscure songs from their first album “Please Please Me” to their last “Let it Be” and in between, in a specially curated 90 minute performance. Sit back and be transported to the wonderful memories and sounds of the 60s and 70s. Be inspired to move and groove to the tunes of one of the world’s greatest band ever.

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Local Band - The Common People

The Common People plays top 40s pop rock and party tunes from the 80s, 90s. They take full ownership of making the audience cry, laugh, lose their voices, and blamed by their friends for having their toes stepped on whilst dancing.

With vast individual musical experiences, the members of band came together with a desire to create a crowd-pleasing vibe. Being as versatile as they are, the band plays exactly what the crowd wants to hear at the appropriate moment. As there is no prearranged set list, expect to hear something new every time and do put down your song requests.

The Common People appeals to a wide demographic from teenagers to the more mature crowd. Everyone will hear the songs they know and love. Their music is highly suitable for events, such as pool parties, weddings, corporate dinner & dances, New Year’s Eve and for festive occasions.

Local Band - The Burst

Singapore-based quartet comprising of seasoned session musicians playing genres such as Americana, Blues, Country and Rock music, with its own arrangements and interpretation for a wider audience.

Local Band - The Brothers in Blues

The Brothers in Blues is a celebration of the music featured in 1980’s The Blues Brothers movie, starring John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. The movie helped revive interest in classic mid-60s rhythm and blues, blues and soul music and featured some of the greats of these genres including Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and John Lee Hooker. The Brothers in Blues consider it their given “mission from God” to rekindle that magic in Singapore, bringing great Southern R&B even further south! Get ready to party.

Local Band - SuperSonic

SuperSonic is an eclectic mix of experienced musicians who came together with a common goal – to share their music with the masses. Comprising of talented individuals with years of experience shared amongst them in the local music scene as well as abroad, SuperSonic is an act that promises to invigorate live music lovers from all walks of life. From top 40’s rock to evergreen classics and more, their wide repertoire encompasses different genres that cater to all ages.

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Youtube Watch SuperSonic on Youtube (2)

Local Band - Sons of Ben

Calling all old school rock die-hard fans! Coming to you exclusively at Beerfest Asia 2017 is Singapore’s very own, Sons of Ben! Having made an explosive debut at Beerfest Asia last year, this five-piece band will be bringing you all your favourite, and some forgotten classics from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Expect to hear some CCR, Rolling Stones, The Who, Huey Lewis and Fleetwood Mac to name very few! Joining founding member, Aman Wadhwa, will be Khalis Jalil ( The Midnight Ramblers) on guitar and backing vocals, Leonard Choon (The Sabby Cats) on bass, Ben Jacob Lee ( The Astronauts) on keys and backing vocals, and Rafieken Mahmood (The Baits) on drums. Kick off your Beerfest Asia experience with the Sons of Ben on 17th August 2017, 7pm onwards. 

Local Band - Raw Earth

A celebration of Blues, Rock & Soul!

Raw Earth is a Blues, Rock & Soul band made up of a stellar line-up consisting of some of Singapore’s most prominent musicians including Danny Loong and Francis Chan (from the critically acclaimed Ublues), Victor Chen (winner of Strip Acoustic at Wala Wala), Surath Godfrey and Hanrong (Rock outfit Reverie) combining forces to lock in a strong groove with an old school flavour, a vibrant on stage improvisation and interaction which promises to keep things interesting for the audience. They have performed at major festivals such as Byron Bay Bluesfest 2016, Beerfest Asia, Timbre Rock & Roots and other festivals where they shared billing or have opened for music legends such as Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Bonnie Raitt to name a few.

The band performs an wide array of Old School music styles from the 50s to 70s such as blues, rock and roll, funk, soul and even some classic blues rock and their repertoire includes songs by Jimi Hendrix, Free, Bad Company, CCR, Grand Funk Railroad, Albert Collins, T- Bone Walker, BB King, The Beatles, Otis Redding, James Brown among others.

While most current pop and rock music have gone more technical and predictable, Raw Earth attempts to retain the concept of soul and groove within their music through their performance. Sometimes you don’t know what you are going to get at a Raw Earth show however you will be assured of only a professional, heartfelt and passionate performance by each member.

Youtube Watch Raw Earth on Youtube!

Local Band - Rad Bromance

What started off as jam sessions over one too many beers has now bloomed into an established acoustic duo playing at some of the best gig venues Singapore has to offer. 

Previously known as ‘Good Question’, Rad Bromance plays unique acoustic covers of rock and blues classics from the 60s and 70s, with a sprinkling of modern covers.

Local Band - O.K READY!

Formed in late 2015, O.K READY! is a fresh four-piece band. Entertaining, versatile and massive sounding, the band aims to always put out engaging performances of classics and current chart toppers. With Zainal on bass, Mang on guitar and vocals, Athif on guitar, and Nizam on drums, together they make any stage their own. Whether you are in the mood to chill or rock it out, O.K READY! is always there to make your night!

Youtube Watch O.K READY! on Youtube (1)

Youtube Watch O.K READY! on Youtube (2)


Local Band - Johan & Jerome

Jerome Mak and Johan Lee worked the circuit for a few years as solo performers. The magic happened when they crossed paths in 2014 and that’s when the dynamic duo (who also performed as a trio, quartet, ) came together as a band.

Their love and passion for music brought joy to people. Entertaining their audience with their wit is second nature to them. They have always believed that to keep the crowd entertained, all you’ve got to do is just to have fun on stage. But don’t be fooled by their casualness on stage, the duo impresses with their harmonious vocals and tight instrument-work.

Johan & Jerome have a multi-faceted repertoire covering  the 80’s, 90’s, to the current Top 40s, and will be performing as a 5-piece band this Beerfest.

Local Band - Cat Mountain Kings

Cat Mountain Kings, led by Richard Eu is a Blues and Classic Rock band made up of local music scene veterans. He is joined by David Ng (Bass), Richard Khan (Drums), Phil Jump (Keyboards), Benson Kong
(Saxophone), Clinton Carnegie (Guitar) & Chris Eu (Guitar). Their musical style and influences range from The Rolling Stones, Little Walter, The Allman Brothers Band, Elmore James, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, to name a few. The band has played various music venues and charity appearances in Singapore, Suzhou and Phuket, including Beerfest 2016, and last released an album, titled “66” in 2012.

Local Band - ASHTHAVES

A pair of straight up rock n’rollas who will charm you with their renditions of evergreens, grunge, rock and alternative tunes.

Local Band - Alex Terry & Victor Chen

This acoustic duo embodies the soulful and spirited Delta blues, with harmonica and slide guitar. Catch Alex Terry and Victor Chen at the Annual Beerfest Blues and Rock Jam.

Local Band - Alex Band

Alex & the P.L.F. Connection is a legends tribute band, comprises of an exciting line-up of 6 free-spirited, & outstanding musicians, namely – Sebastian Ho (Guitar), Edmund Wuu (Tenor Sax & Keys), Teo Boon Chye (Alto Sax), John Paul Balthazar Kwan (Electric Bass), Richard Khan (Drums), & Alexandra Hsieh (Vocals & Tap Dance). Alex & her infectious bunch are pleased to present at BeerFest 2017, their first tribute series – The Aretha Franklin Tribute Series, featuring some of the biggest & coolest hits from Aretha’s extensive repertoire & career, like Respect, Rock Steady, & You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman. They are also very honored to have one of Singapore’s own legends, Francis Chan (bassist & vocalist of former U-Blues Band, & Raw Earth) as their special guest.

Local Band - Adir Kaisan and The Cosmic Owls

Adir Kaisan is a songwriter in Singapore. Often groovy and danceble, the content of his art is usually about everything he’s seen or is seeing. Through the perspective of intertwining lives and the bridges built to make what the current is now.

DJ/MC - Red

Singer, Emcee, DJ, MUA, Model, Dancer, Writer, Influencer – Red has done it all. Red has been immersed in the nightlife and entertainment industry for over 5 years and is currently the DJ Manager of Altra Mgmt. As a DJ, the music that emanates from her DJ booth, is a seamless club mix of intensifying musicality and hard-hitting bass bursting out of the speakers, dowsing everyone in a powerful, passionate melody. MC/DJ Red is currently the resident DJ of Skyline.

DJ - Zig Zach

Zig Zach known for his versatility and talent to adapt his music to suit different venues without ever compromising his sound and style. From the chilled out sunset sessions to the late night after party, his sets will take you on an unforgettable journey.

He has warmed up and shared the decks with international acts such as Mano Le Tough (Maeve) , &ME, Rampa (Kienemusik) , Culoe De Song (Innervisions) , Jimpster (Freerange) , The Drifer , Baikal (Maeve) , Eric Volta (No.19) , Blond:ish (Kompakt) , Matthias Meyer (Watergate) , Hyenah (Freerange) and many more.

The former resident of Kyo (Singapore) has been invited around the region to showcase his unique sound, playing at places like Glow (Bkk) , Time (Manila), Woobar (Bali) , Volar (HKG) , Pontoon Pulse (Phnom Penh) , Hangover (China) and has played at festivals such as Ultra (SG), Wonderfruit (Thailand) , Kolours In The Park (Thailand) and holds the residency for Singapore’s very own Techno festival, Super 0.

DJ - Valentina

DJ Valentina is not your average model DJ. She delivers a signature blend of upfront crowd-pleasing electro-heavy bangers and uplifting melodic anthems, but EDM is not the only genre she plays. DJ Valentina also has a deeper, more progressive tech-house sound side to her. Her passion for music beautifully translate into every set she plays.


Noticed for her vibrant style and keeping up with the current music trends, young and dynamic DJ UNIC is widely known and respected for her skills on the decks. As a young DJ, UNIC is infatuated with music and it is always her groovy and heart-throbbing dance tunes that keeps the crowd going wild. UNIC’s sets feeds off high energy from her crowd and translates that energy back into her set, keeping her party goers partying from dusk to dawn.


The TropicLab collective was conceptualized over a rum cocktail on a beach somewhere in Singapore sometime in early 2013, born from the love of house music, good vibes and the desire to create something unique for good friends of James and Haan. Today, through experience and time that bond that drives their energetic sets is more apparent than ever.

The musical direction of the collective has always been house focussed, and the combined individual styles of the two cover anything from early Progressive thru Techno. The friendship that is the backbone of TropicLab translates into a 2 DJ performance that is fun, technical and spirited: back to back fast mixing energetic sets.

Their trademark.

TropicLab have enjoyed residencies at top underground clubs such as Kilo and Kyo in Singapore, and continue to play exclusive gigs extensively in Asia. The collective also have European dates lined up for 2017.

Drawing influences from years of crate digging and following artists like Maceo Plex, Redshape and KiNK, the duo are also currently working on their own track productions which regularly feature in their sets. 

DJ - Sivanesh

His sonics are best described as ‘black-influenced’, with playlists spanning anything and everything from funk, soul, disco, afro, latin, house, techno, drum & bass and broken beats. As long as it has some grooves and soul it’s in the bag!

While starting to become a crowd favourite at local underground hotspot the headquarters, Forthcoming dates include kyo and Tanjong Beach Club in Singapore, Elysium In Malaysia, And the playhouse In Myanmar.

Citing Personal heroes such as Dennis Ferrer and Kerri Chandler on having shaped his formative musical years, Sivanesh has played alongside and supported international luminaries like CHLOE (BPITCH), DJ Fudge (defected), DJ MAESTRO (BLUE NOTE RECORDS), Fred Everything (Get Physical), KENNY SUMMIT (GOOD FOR YOU RECORDS), Mark de clive-lowe (mashibeats), NICKODEMUS (WONDERWHEEL RECORDINGS), BuddhaBar’s DJ Ravin, and Satin Jackets (Eskimo Recordings).

DJ - Shigeki

Shigeki discovered his passion for house music after he migrated from his native Japan to Australia; he hit the clubs on Sydney’s famous Oxford Street scene in 1999, and this experience was the catalyst for his DJ career. He quickly became one of the hottest stars of Sydney’s club music scene, scoring weekly residencies at legendary venues such as Stonewall and Midnightshift.

He established himself as a credible master of the decks week after week, and he was admired for his impeccable technical mixing and inspiring track choices. Shigeki soon graduated to larger-scale events as his unique, dynamic sound captured the hearts and attention of both local and interstate promoters. Before long, Shigeki had some of the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest events under his belt: Sydney Mardi Gras Party, Sleaze Ball, Big Queer Nation, Harbour Party, Inquisition and Toybox to name but a few.

In 2005, Shigeki made his international debut at Happy in Singapore; this spurred his subsequent relocation to the island nation three years later. Having relocated to one of Southeast Asia’s nightlife hubs, Shigeki grew his international following: he has been a regular guest DJ for Atlantis Cruises and has spun in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bali, Hong Kong, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. In Singapore, he has graced the decks at Play, Rewind, House, The Vault, White Rabbit, Tanjong Beach Club, Stereolab, Privé, Velvet Underground and me@OUE.

DJ - Shenny

Shenny Yang is a model, blogger and influencer by day, and DJ by night. In her bustling life as an entertainer, she fell in love with all kinds of music genres and decided to be the one behind the decks and in-charge, rather than enjoying it as the audience. This up and coming superstar is going to wow the crowd with every set she plays.

DJ - Sakura

DJ Sakura’s sound transcends various genres of music, flirting with Commercial and Electronic Dance Music whilst hinting at Rnb and Hip Hop. DJ Sakura is both a delight to the eye and the ear, and her appearance and her phenomenal flair for finding the right sound has made her rise through the ranks rapidly with a fan base that grows larger and larger with every event.

DJ - Reiko

DJ Reiko’s sets have the ability to make people bounce and bring the roof down. She is currently the resident DJ of one of Singapore’s popular mega-clubs, FashionTV Club Singapore, and is also one of Altra’s most highly sought-after artistes. With a strong online following of over 86,000 combined, DJ Reiko is no stranger to the limelight and entertainment industry. DJ Reiko has now become a household name for female DJs in the South East Asian party scene.

DJ - Maverick

Being a veteran in the industry since 1998, career began under the influence of others as well as the love of music. Maverick performed in private events in the cities and beach parties in Singapore as well as overseas. The multi-talented Maverick has entices audiences at countless events with his colourful personality.


Keith’s ‘no music, no life’ philosophy has taken him through the multitudes of musical genres with true verve and appreciation. Known for throwing different genres into his mixes but always keeping the vibe and energy on the floor, his heart and soul shines through his feel good sets.

Keith’s eclectic flavour has spread across the globe to places like Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, New York, Manila, Boracay, Bangkok, Jakarta, Sydney, Saigon and Hong Kong. He has played various festivals including the Gilles Peterson Worldwide Sessions for three years running (2008 – 2010) and twice at the Zoukout Music Festival (2010 and 2014).

He has set the tone at exclusive parties for international brands like Hermes, Chanel, La Senza, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Adidas Originals, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Audi, Mercedes Benz Mclaren, Stuttgart Auto, Tiffany & Co. and Dom Perignon. He has also played at post concert parties for grammy award stalwarts like David Foster, Chicago, Seal and Arrested Development.

Keith has been commissioned to curate playlists for various lifestyle venues like the Fullerton Bay Hotel’s, The Clifford Pier, the recently minted 2 Michelin star french restaurant, Odette and the newly launched Warehouse Hotel.

He has also worked with fashion stalwarts like Dion Lee, Inhabit and Yoyokulala in creating bespoke fashion show music for their collections. Keith curated and played a live set for the ExhibitALT show at the Singapore Fashion Week in 2015 and 2016.

DJ - Joshua P

Joshua P started off as a disco mobile jockey in 1999, which naturally makes him a veteran hero in the local club scene. His love for music and versatility gave him an edge, which grabbed the attention of many local clubs in Singapore. In 2002, he founded and created his own night, Philes of Sound (POS) which aimed to deliver only the finest beats in town. Successfully kicking up a storm on the floors of big clubs such as Zouk–Phuture, and underground venues.POS earned him promising reviews from national media, namely The New Paper and I.S. Magazine. His versatility in electronic music enabled him to appeal to different crowds with dynamic and varied music tastes.

Expect only the classiest of sounds when Joshua helms the decks, ranging from house, funk, soul, afro, disco, techno, drum n bass dub,jazz and breaks. The bottom line is as long as it’s got groove, it’s in his set. His residency includes Fashion Bar by the famous Fashion TV (FTV), Aurum by Clinic, QBAR and Hacienda.

When not assaulting the decks of the local bars and clubs, Joshua used to be a regular feature on Meshradio, an online radio show comprising Singapore’s best musical minds – DJs, producers and music lovers – who share a passion for good music and talent for production.

DJ - Haan

Introducing Haan – the techno underdog of Singapore. With almost a decade’s worth of experience behind the console, it was his passion for vinyl records that kick started the self-taught DJ’s career. Since then, Haan has developed a unique style of house and techno music that’s brimming with groove, taking him across the deepest and darkest corners of the island’s clubbing circuit. Describing his sound as dark yet melodic, Haan quotes the likes of TIN MAN, Redshape, Locked groove and Broken English Club as his musical inspiration. Staying true to his style—one that transcends genres—he brings it in a big way to the most discerning of dance floors.

Recent years saw Haan on an upward trajectory, steadily paving his way to become a household name in the local nightlife scene. Haan caught the attention of TropicLab and was invited to join the collective shortly after. He was also on the bill for Super 0’s Openair Festival and things quickly escalated thereafter.

Haan markedly grew into his own; he created and ran his own nights – #ashtag at Kilo and LeftBank at Cato – to showcase emerging talents as well as veterans who hadn’t been behind the decks for some time. He is also a Promoter/DJ for local label Midnight Shift and has played alongside deck legends such as Berghain’s resident Answer Code Request, Kink, Deetron, Xhin, Oxia, Spencer Parker, Oliver Deutschmann, Surgeon on top of a list of talented DJs and producers from around the globe.

DJ - Farz

DJ Farz’s cutting-edge party rocking beats fills venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies. Through incredible skills and her intense work ethic, Farz provides a refreshing change in the female DJ market with her overwhelming sick basslines and energetic rhythms.


DJ - Clare

Meet Clarissa, aka DJ Clare. DJ Clare started Djing as a hobby and debuted and broke into the professional scene at one of Singapore’s top mega clubs, FashionTV Club Singapore at the age of 18. With over 15,000 followers on Instagram, DJ Clare is one of the more popular DJs in the electro-pop scene. DJ Clare defies and overcomes all stereotypes and labels when she helms the decks. Make no mistake, she may be young, but the maturity she shows in her music and performance will blow your mind away.

DJ - Brendon P.

He prefers the low-profile, lo-fi approach to his work but with a career that’s 3 and a half decades young and still growing, Brendon P has a long history of Clubs and Music.; starting out in 1980, in the local mobile circuit, and moving on to Clubs a year later. A visit to New York in 1984, and visiting clubs such as the Funhouse, the Paradise Garage, Dancetaria and Area weaned him into the New York club culture, and into the music that was to become the house music that we hear today.

Crossing vast musical backgrounds over his years as a DJ, both locally and internationally, he continued to acquire a keen ear and passion for dance music. Having completed an 8 year residency at the globally renowned, Zouk Club in Singapore (in May 2009), and a 2 year Residency at Kyo, playing alongside dj’s like Dubfire/Deep Dish, Francois K, Charles Webster, Dennis Ferrer, Darren Emerson, Carl Craig, Little Louie Vega, Bill Brewster, Argy, Ian Pooley & Swag to name a few, Brendon’ continues to be a major feature in the local and International Club Circuit.