Beerfest Run

27 June 2019 (Thursday) . 6pm

Drink as you run! Join us in our FIRST Edition of BEERFEST RUN in Singapore where you and your beer buddies / colleagues will be doing something healthy for once! Look forward to a fun-filled evening as you chug down beers while taking a scenic 2km run around Marina Promenade.

What Do You Get?

Entry to the Festival

Beers Along The Way

Runner's Tee

Finisher Mug

Running Route

Beerfest Run Prices

*Fee includes entry to the festival too.
(Gates open at 5pm for Beerfest Run Pass holders)
Download our terms and conditions.


Who can join and is there any age restriction to the Run?
All are welcome but one must be above 18YO and physically healthy to join.
Where do we run?
You will be running around F1 Pit and SG Flyer area and return back to the festival ground when you completed.
How does the run work?
You will get to drink a beer at every pit stops throughout the route.
How much beer are we drinking?
Drink responsibly and within your limit, we will serve the beers in 150ml portions.
Where can I leave my belongings for safekeeping during the Run?
Baggage services will be provided at the Race Site. However, runners are advised to pack light on race day and refrain from bringing valuables to the event.
Can we walk through the route?
You may walk/run according to your own pace, afterall, it’s nothing competitive. But be back before we sweep you off!
What time do gates open, and is there an ending time to the Run?
Our festival gates will open to Beerfest Run participants at 5.30pm, race will start the first flag off at 6pm. All runners are advised to complete the route by 8pm.
What if I am drunk half way through the route?
Please approach our staff and medics along the route if you are feeling unwell or intoxicated.
What can I do with the 1L Finisher Mug?
Fill up the mug at a discounted price at our selected Beer booths.