Beerfest Asia 2019 | Singapore

1925 Brewing Co.

Booth No.: H04, H05

The establishment’s name, The 1925, is the birth year of their grandfather, who was a dry goods grocer. Providing customers with the best quality products was something he believed strongly in and with this very same principle, The 1925 Brewing Co., Restaurant went about its business till today.

The 1925 Brewing Co., Restaurant is a microbrewery and restaurant founded in November 2013 and officially began operations on 22 May 2014. It is housed in a two storey shophouse where four 600-litres beer tanks reside on the ground level.

6DM (S) Pte Ltd

Booth No.: H13 - H19

Established in July 2002, 6 Drunk Men is a leading alcohol distributor in Singapore and long-standing expert in the industry. In the smallest of ways, we hope to enhance our local drinking culture through our premium imported products and our fully customised, one-stop services.

The range of beers available at the various 6 Drunk Men booths are; Blue Moon Belgian White together with a range of Blue Moon seasonal brews from America, Pilsner Urquell along with Kozel Dark lager from Czech Republic, Grolsch lager from Holland, Meantime range of craft beers from UK as well as O’hara’s craft range from Ireland.

Albens Cider

Booth No.: E20

With over 2,000 Kilometres separating us from the nearest cider producer, we at Albens like to think different. Our quaint cidery sits in the foothills of the beautiful Balinese mountains. Small batch production allows our team of international and Indonesian cidermakers to ensure every batch of Albens Cider leaves with fresh, crisp taste our customer have grown to love.
Combining traditional cidermaking techniques and a modern approach, our talented team handcrafts our premium cider using 100% Fuji apples. We slowly ferment every batch in stainless steel tanks using the finest French champagne yeast. The cider is then matured and filtered cold to retain the delicate aromas and flavours.
Brilliantly clear pale gold colour with a bead reminiscent of Champagne, fresh apple and citrus begin in the aromatics and persist through to the finish. Refreshing and well-rounded accentuated by a nice acid and sugar structure that balances its natural sweetness.

Archipelago Brewery Singapore

Booth No.: E01 - E02

Archipelago Brewery Company, established in 1931, was the first commercial brewery in Singapore. It was originally part of a German brewery Archipel Brouwerij Compagnie Batavia.

Through the 1930s, with its small batch brewing techniques using German brewing traditions, Archipelago Brewery was the pioneering and most influential brewery in Singapore. At the outbreak of World War II, the brewery was annexed by the British Government who in 1941, sold it to Malayan Breweries.

Today, we at Archipelago Brewery are still honouring our small batch brewing techniques. We handcraft each and every batch so that you can enjoy the fine quality of a beer made with skill and passion. Producing award winning craft beers since 2006, with a mix of modern and traditional techniques, Archipelago Brewery craft beers can be seen and tasted in over 150 bars and restaurants in Singapore.
Experience our history in our Beers!!

B9 Beverages Pvt Ltd

Booth No.: W15 - W16

A refreshingly modern beer brand, Imagined in India; Bira 91 aspires to bring flavorful beers to the new world. As one of the fastest growing beers in the world, it has built a strong portfolio of essential beers and aims to drive the global shift in beer towards more color and flavor.

Driven by a dynamic and energetic team of over 300 passionate beer lovers, the company now operates two breweries in India, and has offices in 10 cities including New York City and Singapore.

Crafted with the creative urban drinker in mind — someone who likes to have fun and doesn’t take life too seriously, the brand aims to disrupt the global beer world with 21st century technology and its playful monkey mascot.

BID Singapore

Booth No.: H08

The people at BID are passionate about beers. They have brought to drinkers what we would never have imagined only a short while ago, some of the best styles of beers the western world has to offer. They believe that a real good beer is not just a simple beer. It has taken generations to perfect the brew; from the pristine water, the fine crystal malts, and the precious strains of yeast used in the fermentation process. Their sales people are not mere order-takers, they will take you through the extensive range and recommend you the different styles of beer suited to your needs.

Beer Connoisseur Pte Ltd

Booth No.: E08, O02

Beer Connoisseur Pte Ltd is a local beer distributor who is looking to promote new and interesting Craft beers from the Asian region – we are the proud distributor of Pasteur Street Brewing from Saigon, Vietnam! We are also constantly on the lookout for new trends around the world, hence resulting in us bringing in Hard Sodas (alcoholic Root Beer, Ginger Beer and a Carrot & Apple Ale) all the way from the USA.

BeerCellar Asia

Booth No.: W05 - W07

BeerCellar Asia specializes in bringing the best of the best of German beers to Singapore and the region. Having started in 2015 with one of the top three German beers, Veltins, the German brewery with the strongest growth in the “Beer Country” Germany , we expanded our range to import the most famous and oldest wheat beer, Schneider Weisse, this year. You have to experience these great beers with us at BeerFest 2018. Prost!


Booth No.: E23

BeerPorters, established in 2017 by a group of beer lovers who saw a gap in the market for the international distribution of Asian craft beers.

We are on a mission to let the world know just how awesome independently made Asian beer is and it is that desire that has spurred us to create BeerPorters.

We take great pride in sourcing only the best independently brewed beer in Asia to deliver the freshest beers at the best possible price. We work closely with the breweries and supply chains to ensure this and are firm believers that beers should be accessible to everyone at decent prices!

Every beer that is brought to you has been tried and personally vetted by the BeerPorters team to ensure greatness, consistency and the ability to sell in a market such as Singapore.


Booth No.: E13 - E15

Beerfarm is a bunch of misfits, brought together by the love of making great beer, served with bloody good times. We make beers packed full of flavour with no preservatives and the finest ingredients we can muster.

Our home is an old dairy in the rolling pastures of the Margaret River Region, where cattle graze the land and marron fill our dam. We turned our hay shed into a tavern, built a brewery in the round house and now people from all walks of life come to kick off their boots and drink beer.

At Beerfarm we have a vision to deliver unique experiences in conjunction with quality beverages. A modern company “established for the future” driven by a set of values that we adhere to in our day to day lives, Beerfarm is collective of talent that moves with the times and strives to excel in whatever they tackle.

Brand Connect

Booth No.: W23

Brand Connect was set up in 2013 with the objective of bringing some of the worlds most interesting craft and boutique alcohol brands to Asian Consumers. Brand Connect now spans 7 markets in South East Asia and now distributes an extensive range of Craft Spirits, Boutique Wines and Premium International Beers.


Booth No.: E17-E18

Iconic leader of the UK’s craft beer revolution, BrewDog is on a mission to make people as passionate about great craft beer as they are. They aim to brew world-class, extraordinary beers that blow people’s minds. Punk IPA is the beer that started that revolution.

Back in 2007, James and Martin said sayonara to industrially brewed lagers and stuffy ale. Both only 24 at the time, James and Martin leased a building, got some scary bank loans and spent all their money on stainless steel. Luckily the gamble paid off and after just three years, BrewDog has managed to kick-start the UK craft beer revolution and with wave upon wave of cool, contemporary and progressive beers continues to challenge perceptions of beer and brewing the world over.


Booth No.: E16, E17, W10, W11

Since our inception in 1997, Brewerkz microbrewery has been creating award winning beers for the masses. We aim to brew for the day drinker, the beer geek, the first timer, and the pint-a-nighter. Each batch fills a greater purpose by nourishing the souls of beer lovers. Our beers has the perfect balance between the bitterness from the Hops and the sweetness from the malt. These well balanced beers are often topped off with a fruity and tropical twist ensuring that every sip will be light and refreshing. Our beers are stored and packaged to ensure that every time you have a pint, the taste, quality and carbonation remains unchanged. Every time you take a sip of beer from Brewerkz, you get transported back into the instant you jump into the pool on a hot summer’s day, it’s refreshing, its fun and you cant wait for the next one.

Brewlander & Co.

Booth No.: E06 - E07

Brewlander & Co. is a Singapore Gypsy craft brewery, helm by awarding winning home brewer John Wei, along with local celebrities Daniel Ong and Allan Wu. Our goal is to expose and excite people’s palates to a wider range of flavours and styles in the world of beer. Our DNA is all about fun, energy, and a wicked sense of humour, which we strive to have reflected in our beers. We take upmost pride in our brewing and quality control, and aim to give every customers a unique Brewlander experience.

Craft Beverage Supply

Booth No.: H21

Craft Beverage Supply is an importer and distributor specializing in craft beers from South Africa. We represent two breweries from Cape Town, Devil’s Peak and Darling Brew, craft cidery, Sxollie and Dragon Fiery Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Danish Breweries Pte Ltd

Booth No.: E04, E05

Draft Breweries Demark ApS is a reputable brewing company, dedicated to crafting premium Danish lager. Our brew masters have come together to create the perfect beer recipe, one that combines the best and fresh ingredients with our innovative formulation which takes into account beer trends of today.

Be inspired by the Danish brewers who create beers that liven up the senses, resulting to memorable moments and unbreakable bonds.

Eastern Craft

Booth No.: E17, E18, E20, E24

Importing awesome craft beers from around the world to Singapore and Malaysia

Epicurean Nomads

Booth No.: H11

Epicurean Nomads connects you with the fascinating realm of premium Japanese artisanal Craft Beers and Sake.
Through our nomadic adventures across the vast Japanese archipelago, we have secured limited allocation with several highly acclaimed micro breweries and we are proud to showcase craft brews which have until now, never been available outside Japan.

Our portfolio of close to a hundred beers are uniquely, unpasteurised and all beers are transported chilled at 0 – 5 Degrees Celsius from the breweries so you get to enjoy these astoundingly excellent beers, as you would, back in Japan.

Fourpure Brewing Co.

Booth No.: E24

Fourpure is a London based family brewery founded in 2013. Beer is our passion and our travels are what inspire us to brew. The approach to exceptional brewing is all about attention to detail, not cutting corners and innovating yet staying true to the principles of brewing – respecting the four core ingredients used to make beer: grain, yeast, hops and water, the inspiration for the name Fourpure.

Gosnells Mead

Booth No.: E09, E10

For most, mead is a drink swathed in myth and legend and associated with Vikings, Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales and more recently with Harry Potter and the fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones.
Mead is likely the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage as it is centuries old and dates back to ancient China, Greece and Egypt, long before the cultivation of barley and hops. Mead is made purely from fermented honey, yeast and water, but it tastes new.
Reviving this ancient brew whilst creating a buzz, Gosnells was born in the heart of London out of Tom Gosnell’s desire to modernise and revive a centuries-old British brewing practice. Whilst not alone in making mead in the UK, Tom has set Gosnells apart by employing traditional brewing methods and producing a pure mead that celebrates its simplicity with a modern twist and flavour.

Gweilo Beer Singapore

Booth No.: E22

Gweilo was founded with a dream: To create fun, fresh and unique beers, brewed in Hong Kong to be enjoyed by everyone.

The Gweilo journey started by stripping the brewing process back to basics, spending months working closely with an internationally acclaimed master brewer to create our own unique recipes. The team at Gweilo embarked on a number of hop tea and malt sensory sessions, sampling a range of hops and malts from across Europe, North America and the South Pacific in order to source the perfect ingredients. Over 150 beers were bench marked.

Currently, Gweilo has launched a range of 6 core beers, with seasonal releases and small-batch limited edition brews that rotate frequently.

This is made possible through Gweilo’s new brewery located in Fo Tan, New Territories, Hong Kong. The state-of-the-art brewery is equipped with a 30BBL DME Brew Deck, 840BBL Cellar, 2 Brite Tanks, a Centrifuge, 4 x 1,000L Totes, a CFT Rotary Canning Line capable of 6,000 cans per hour, and a Leibinger Rotary Bottling Line capable of 3,000 bottles per hour. The acquisition of the Totes ensure that development and experimentation are at the heart of the brewery’s recipe development. These little uni-tanks equips Gweilo with the capability to split a wort stream from the thirty barrel system into smaller batches, with the ability to dry hop and make additions on a smaller scale. Get ready for variety, fun and regular releases throughout the year.

House of Amber Nectar

Booth No.: W17 - W19

We are a beer-guzzling, beer-loving, beer-everything kind of people.

We import the finest of beers from around the world and bring it to you.

Fresh Draught to Go never was this good.

Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Booth No.: E15


Booth No.: W02



Pacific Beverages Pte Ltd

Booth No.: H07, E24

In recognizing the ever-increasing demand for high-quality, premium-imported beers, our organization is dedicated to sourcing and bringing to Singapore some of the Globe’s most respected brews. We have a comprehensive product portfolio, providing a one-step-shop for even the most discerning bar or restaurant set-up.

Pacific Beverages makes it a fundamental business practice to offer the best customer service possible. Our strengths lie in the close relationships we build with our partners, providing excellent technical and after-sales support including product training and marketing assistance.

”Through excellent service and commitment, we continually strive to source and provide for our customers, the best the World can offer.”

Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore

Booth No.: H04

Singapore’s first and only authentic German microbrewery.

Well-known for its onsite microbrewery and fresh German beers on tap, Paulaner Bräuhaus still brews its range of beers according to “The Bavarian Purity Law of 1516” – which is recorded as the oldest, currently valid consumer protection law in the world. Only four ingredients are used; water, malt, hops and yeast.

RedDot Brewhouse

Booth No.: H02 - H03

With its opening in 2007, RedDot Brewhouse has been the first family-owned microbrewery in Singapore. RedDot Brewhouse has since situated two Restaurant Bars in the Little Red Dot (Singapore), where craft beer lovers can enjoy their diverse selection of brews – the first in Dempsey Hill which houses its microbrewery, and the second in Boat Quay.

The first craft beer that Ernest Ng ever had was in Africa circa 1977, which led to his first foray into homebrewing. Today, each beer that RedDot produces is a delicate composition of ingredients, and the product and pride of brewmaster. His daughter, Master brewer Crystalla Huang helms the Singapore RedDot Microbrewery located at RedDot Brewhouse Dempsey Hill, while Ernest Ng helms RedDot’s beer bottling facility in Melbourne, Australia.

Besides Signature Beers, you can also grab a pint of Seasonal Brews available and exclusive Secret Brews.

Salut Ventures Pte Ltd

Booth No.: W08 - W09

Established in Nov 2017, we endeavour to bring the choicest F&B products to Asia. We started with a range of premium German beer from Rittmayer Brewery in Hallerndorf, Germany. We will launch different beer from two more breweries out Germany and Lithuania at Beerfest Asia 2018.

Smith Street Taps

Booth No.: H09

SST Trading Co is the beer distribution arm of Smith Street Taps – a craft beer business first founded in 2013 in a hawker centre as a collaboration between craft beer pioneers Meng Chao of Brewers’ Craft and Daniel Goh of The Good Beer Company – representing a portfolio of different imported craft beer brands in Singapore.

TSA Wines Pte Ltd

Booth No.: E15

Founded in 2008, TSA Wines was born out of passion and a hobby around cult wines which were mainly shared amongst good friends. A year later, the company became one of Singapore’s early Craft Beer distributors who took the leap into Craft Beer and Ciders having discovered a new world of beers. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, TSA continues that same passion of bringing tasty Craft Beers, Ciders and Wines to those who are passionate about Life & their beverages, as well as to the many friends made over the years!

Targ Pte Ltd

Booth No.: H23

That Singapore Beer Project

Booth No.: O01

That Singapore Beer Project is a social brewing project that aims to make beers that are inspired by Singaporeans’ beer-related preferences. The idea is to design beers that not only taste good, but are widely accepted because of how they fit the taste and quirks of the people. For our inaugural campaign, the project hopes to launch four beers that are crafted from the opinions of four groups of people who are part of the national beer-scape. They are our nation’s tireless hawkers; fun-loving youths; inventive restaurateurs; and knowledgeable craft beer experts! We will be releasing two never-before-seen beers in BFA 2018, while two others will be ready by mid September.

The Drinkery Pte Ltd

Booth No.: W04, E20

The Drinkery is a leading importer and distributor of craft beers in Singapore. We represent some of the best breweries in America and pride ourselves in offering the best services in the industry through our dedicated sales force that’s supported by a strong marketing and logistics team. By using full cold chain logistics – refrigerated shipping, chiller warehouse and cold trucks – our beers are at their freshest possible, giving you the quality and flavor just as the brewers intended.

The Mad Tapper

Booth No.: E11, H24

Founded in 2015, The Mad Tapper is an independent import and distribution company built on a passion for craft, underlined with an obsession for quality.

We source and supply exclusive craft beers and real ciders from Australia and New Zealand. We work with producers dedicated to making honest, tasty, quality beverages. We help restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and retailers satisfy their customers’ interest in beers and ciders, and help them meet the challenges of competition and changing social trends.

We employ full cold chain logistics, direct relationships with breweries and cideries and an experienced and professional team to deliver the best craft products and personalized service to your business.

Woodstock Beverages

Booth No.: W04, S02

Woodstock Beverages is a purveyor of artisanal alcoholic beverages, we currently focus on unique sake and wines from Japan. We are a team of dedicated alcoholics and non-alcoholics bringing products we love and enjoy marketing to the South East Asia region. Based in Singapore and working with regional partners we strive to bring quality and unique experiences and products to drinkers regionally.

Yen Investments Pte Ltd

Booth No.: W01, O08

Yen Investments Pte Ltd was established in 1987 as a Thai products specialty shop to our Thai Friends.
And the group had since expanded its portfolio to become the largest Indochina product importer and retailer in Singapore. Our core business activities are focused on imported valued- added products from all over south East Asia ( in particular to Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar) and introducing them to locals and catering to the growing numbers of new migrants from these countries. At Yen Investments Pte Ltd, we offer comprehensive one-stop retail outlets to provide convenience and specialty products to our customers island wide.