Beerfest Asia 2019 | Singapore

Tribute Band - Perfect Strangers

Formed in the summer of 2013 by six musicians of diverse musical backgrounds, Perfect Strangers is a band based in Bangalore, India and has gained a steady following in the independent music circle with their unique sound. Perfect Strangers has always been about mixing things up and staying out of the claustrophobic musical pigeon-holes. Well-crafted instrumental segments and multi-part vocal harmonies define the unique character of the Perfect Strangers sound.

Tribute Band - Hybrid Theoryz (Australian Linkin Park Tribute Band)

Australia’s first and only dedicated LINKIN PARK tribute band, HYBRID THEORYZ offer an authentic and inspired performance of one of the world’s favourite bands.

Performing numerous hits from albums such as “Hybrid Theory”, “Meteora” and “Minutes to Midnight”, HYBRID THEORYZ offers a dynamic and respectful homage to the power house LINKIN PARK.

Tribute Band - Hell’s Belles, World Famous All-Female AC/DC Tribute Band

An All-Female AC/DC Tribute band all the way from USA! HELL’S BELLES are first and foremost dedicated AC/DC fanatics. Consistently sexy and sold-out shows – there’s not a HELL’S BELLES audience that hasn’t been blown away by the raw power, attention to AC/DC details, and undeniable appeal that these bad ass belles deliver with undying devotion. From “Live Wire” to “The Jack” to “TNT”, not to mention AC/DC’s landmark hits “Highway to Hell”, “Thunderstruck”, and “Back in Black”.

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: The Sunburst Express

The Sunburst Express is a Singapore-based band that comprises of
musicians from various groups playing genres such as Blues, Country, Rock,
Americana and many more. The quartet performs its own unique brand of original numbers, and their own arrangements and interpretation of classic tunes by bands such as The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Cream to a wider audience.

The band includes session bass player Leonard Ng, Zachary Liu on drums, keyboardist and vocalist Ben Jacob Lee (The Astronauts) and session guitarist and vocalist Khalis Jalil. Its members have a wealth of experience playing at many venues in Singapore, including the various Timbre outlets, The Crazy Elephant, The Esplanade, SingJazz, The Hard Rock Cafe and many more. Festivals members have played for include BeerFest Asia, the Singapore Night Festival, Oktoberfest, SHINE Festival and many others.

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: The Sons of Ben

Calling all old school rock die-hard fans! Coming back to Beerfest for a third year running is Singapore’s very own, Sons of Ben! Having made an explosive debut at Beerfest Asia 2016 , The Sons of Ben  will be bringing you all your favourite, and some forgotten classics from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Expect to hear some CCR, ZZ Top, The Who, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles to name very few!

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: The Blackberries

The Blackberries are a 5-piece pop-rock band that plays mostly cover songs. Most happy when we’re getting our audience dancing in full party mode. Equally adept at at more chilled, acoustic events. With the remarkable Dita on lead vocals, the sounds of our saxophone on lead, and our carefully curated set lists that offer something a little more interesting than the well-trodden standards, a night out with The Blackberries is always a good time.

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: Sammmy and the Blues Cats

Sammmy and the Blues Cats was formed by frontman Sam Driscoll’s desire to pay tribute to the great blues trios of the 1960s and 70s. With a kickass rhythm section that consists of drummer John Tim and bassist Darren Tan, these Lasalle graduates will deliver plenty of original soul-crushin blues and electrifying rock n’ roll tunes that’ll hopefully not make the crowd leave.

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: Rad Bromance

If you’re looking for a top 40s band, turn back now! Rad Bromance plays unique acoustic covers of rock and blues classics from the 60s and 70s, with a sprinkling of modern covers. What started off as jam sessions over one too many beers has now bloomed into an established acoustic duo playing at some of the best gig venues Singapore has to offer. When we play, we like to keep it fast and fun. That way, we don’t overthink it, get too precious, or get hung up trying to make “perfect” tracks. Come on down and see the rad bromance in action!

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: KR Rockers

KR Rockers is a name not only known within our campus in NUS – it has made a name out in the scene on its own. Our members are made up of residents living in Kent Ridge Hall in NUS, and we have been lucky enough to see both new and old members take ownership for their performances and the music. We definitely owe it to each and every musician for maintaining a high standard of music-making. Having performed at numerous events outside of NUS, such as at Timbre @ substation, and at SMU Waikiki, we strive to provide a variety of platforms to showcase our members. On top of its contributions within hall, we also have notable current members and alumni who have gone beyond in Singapore’s music scene to make a name for themselves.

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: Ger Mythen

Irish/Australian solo artist Ger Mythen is a native of Waterford, where he was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the world in 1967. Growing up in Ireland’s oldest city exposed him to a rich history and culture going back 1100 years. Naturally, music was a big part of this and Gerry had started playing gigs as a teenager by the late 1980’s. In 2004, he accepted an invitation to become the resident solo performer at Molly Malone’s located just off in Singapore’s Boat Quay. He packed his bags and moved, from his then adopted home of Melbourne, to the tropics for “six months or so”. Fourteen years on he is still here, and still working primarily in the solo
acoustic field, although he has fronted classic rock band The No-Daddies on many occasions, as well as making guest appearances with Shirlyn & The UnXpected and Heritage, among others.

He still performs regularly at Molly Malone’s and other venues around Singapore, while spending his days as a freelance writer and stay-at-home Dad. With a repertoire spanning around 200 songs of all genres and eras from the 50’s to today, he has occasionally been described as a human jukebox. He has also been known to attempt songs that he technically doesn’t know – live for the first time -on request, with the guest holding up the lyrics in front of him on their phone. It usually works!

OverHear Singapore Artist Showcase: Ashtray

Pair of straight up rock n’ rollas who will charm you with their renditions of evergreens, grunge, rock and alternative tunes.

Local Band - Welcome to the Machine

Welcome to the Machine (WTTM) is Singapore’s and South East Asia’s best and only Pink Floyd Tribute band. We are a group of experienced musicians, who are dedicated to the faithful reproduction of their music and live shows, but most importantly, we are true blue fans, and our most fervent wish is to help share their music with a wider and younger audience.

Local Band - Unified

Unified works towards bringing a different flavour to songs and adding new dimensions to them. Their repertoire ranges from the 70s all the way to the current radio hits, and on occasions, surprises with some childrens hit songs too on Saturdays for Super Social BBQ!

Fronted by Pam Khi and backed up by Ian Ortega, you’re sure to be mesmerised by their music!


Local Band - The Common People

The Common People plays top 40s pop rock and party tunes from the 80s, 90s. They take full ownership of making the audience cry, laugh, lose their voices, and blamed by their friends for having their toes stepped on whilst dancing.

With vast individual musical experiences, the members of band came together with a desire to create a crowd-pleasing vibe. Being as versatile as they are, the band plays exactly what the crowd wants to hear at the appropriate moment. As there is no prearranged set list, expect to hear something new every time and do put down your song requests.

The Common People appeals to a wide demographic from teenagers to the more crowd. Everyone will hear the songs they know and love.

Local Band - SuperSonic

SuperSonic is an eclectic mix of experienced musicians who came together with a common goal – to share their music with the masses. Comprising of talented individuals with years of experience shared amongst them in the local music scene as well as abroad, SuperSonic is an act that promises to invigorate live music lovers from all walks of life. From top 40’s rock to evergreen classics and more, their wide repertoire encompasses different genres that cater to all ages.

Youtube Watch SuperSonic on Youtube (1)

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Local Band - Soul Spectacular: Tribute to Aretha, Otis & The Legends of Soul

After a jaw-dropping Beerfest debut last year, The Souls are back playing golden era Rhythm’n’Blues as made famous by Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett and a host of other legends.

On Saturday night (29 June) at Beerfest’19, The Souls will be performing a Soul Spectacular featuring two of Singapore’s leading vocalists Vannessa Barker and Surath Godfrey, backed by full rhythm and horn sections. The Soul Spectacular will transport your mind and body back with a 60’s style “soul review”, where great singers and bands drove audiences into a frenzy at venues like New York’s Apollo Theatre.

Get set for gritty, groovy and heartfelt RnB music performed by some of the Lion City’s own and best musicians.

Local Band - Raw Earth ft. Al Terry

A celebration of Blues, Rock & Soul!

Raw Earth is a Blues, Rock & Soul band made up of a stellar line-up consisting of some of Singapore’s most prominent musicians including Danny Loong and Francis Chan (from the critically acclaimed Ublues), Victor Chen (winner of Strip Acoustic at Wala Wala), Surath Godfrey and Hanrong (Rock outfit Reverie) combining forces to lock in a strong groove with an old school flavour, a vibrant on stage improvisation and interaction which promises to keep things interesting for the audience. They have performed at major festivals such as Byron Bay Bluesfest 2016, Beerfest Asia, Timbre Rock & Roots and other festivals where they shared billing or have opened for music legends such as Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Bonnie Raitt to name a few.

The band performs an wide array of Old School music styles from the 50s to 70s such as blues, rock and roll, funk, soul and even some classic blues rock and their repertoire includes songs by Jimi Hendrix, Free, Bad Company, CCR, Grand Funk Railroad, Albert Collins, T- Bone Walker, BB King, The Beatles, Otis Redding, James Brown among others. While most current pop and rock music have gone more technical and predictable, Raw Earth attempts to retain the concept of soul and groove within their music through their performance. Sometimes you don’t know what you are going to get at a Raw Earth show however you will be assured of only a professional, heartfelt and passionate performance by each member.

Youtube Watch Raw Earth on Youtube!

Local Band - Peep Show

Peep Show is a spark of raw rock ‘n’ roll energy, out to sing/play our hearts out and entertain with rock and pop music from the 1960s to 2000s.

Band members:
Alif Putra – Guitars/Vocals
Kevin Loo – Lead vocalist
Yazeid Rahman – Bass
Lee Liang Hong – Drums & Percussions

The current line-up was formed in early 2017, when band leader and lead guitarist, Alif Putra, brought in lead vocalist, Kevin Loo, into the band. Bassist Yazeid Rahman joined in soon after. Along with drummer Lee Liang Hong, Peep Show performs live at Wala Wala Café Bar on Saturdays.

Check out Peep Show’s Facebook page at

Local Band - Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike is one of the most unique semi-acoustic bands in Singapore. Our sound is heavily influenced by the usage of electronics and samples to portray the new-aged sound yet balancing it with melodious
instrumentals and intense vocals to ensure we are able to allow the audience to vibe together with us.

Our line-up features a young, dynamic and versatile crew having worked with various musicians and artistes from the local music scene in Singapore. Lucky Strike typically operates as a 4-piece semi-
acoustic band but we can also operate as a 2-piece acoustic duo to fit the client’s needs during certain events.

Lucky Strike features lead vocalist, Kalysa, lead vocalist & guitarist, Halim, keyboardist, Reno and Drummer, Vimal. The collective flavor and personalities contributed by each of them has crafted the unique sound and outlook for Lucky Strike which is very well received by the audience. We often get comments like, “You guys are only a 4-piece band and yet sounding so full, big and entertaining.”

Local Band - Kollective

Kollective was formed with one common objective, to share their love for music.

This band features lead vocalist/bassist Sofia, lead vocalist/guitarist Johan, percussionist Jamie and lead guitarist Riff. Together, they accumulated years of experience in the “live” music scene. Coming from different backgrounds, they can play a wide range of lively repertoire and genres, playing hits from every decade.

Kollective promises to deliver a high energy performance to keep you wanting for more!

Local Artist - NyaLi

NyaLi is the effervescent stage persona that Singaporean songbird Enya Lim assumes in performance. With a current sound reminiscent of Norah Jones in Come Away With Me, with liberal doses of soul queen Erykah Badu splashed over, NyaLi’s style has audibly been influenced by her idols, legends such as Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, and Simon & Garfunkel. NyaLi’s sultry vocals promise power and spice where tasteful, and navigate with ease across genres from jazz to pop to world music to musical theatre.

Disney animations were the main genesis of NyaLi’s love for music, growing up. Classically schooled on piano from the age of four, she began singing in grade school: first in choirs, and later in smaller groups, eventually mustering enough boldness to lead solo. Some highlights of NyaLi’s performance career so far include sharing the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) hall’s stage with American Taiwanese pop icon Wang Lee Hom (2016), working with Jacob Collier for Imagination Off the Charts (2016), and getting to sing at the renowned Newport Folk Festival (2016, 2017), whose past lineups have included top notch acts like Esperanza Spalding, Roy Hargrove, and Pat Metheny.

Local Artist - Jordan Wei

Ever since graduating in 2010 from Middlesex University, with a Masters Degree in Jazz Composition and Performance, Jordan Wei has already established himself as one of Singapore’s most sought after and versatile pianists.

His musical lineage includes renowned violinist Goh Soon Tioe as his grandfather; Vivien Goh as his aunt; and composer Tonni Wei and music critic Patricia Goh as his parents.

He has worked with many artistes both locally and overseas. Some of the more notable artistes include Dami Im, David Tao, Elva Hsiao, Grady Guan, Jam Hsiao, JJ Lin, Nicholas Tse, Pets Tsang, Wang Lee Hom, Charlie Haden’s Liberation Orchestra, The Lion King Musical and Patrick Alan of ‘The Drifters’.

In addition to being a multi-instrumentalist, Jordan has also composed and arranged for JJ Lin’s Timeline World Tour, the TENG ensemble and The Pipa Quartet. He also conducted several master classes at SIM, Wolfgang Music School, Methodist Music School and various churches. Jordan is currently based in Singapore and is both performing and teaching internationally.

DJ: Valentina

DJ Valentina is not your average model DJ. She delivers a signature blend of upfront crowd pleasing electro-heavy bangers and uplifting melodic anthems, but EDM is not the only genre she plays. DJ Valentina’s style has progressed into more open format and her passion for music beautifully translates into every set she plays.


Noticed for her vibrant style and keeping up with the current music trends, young and dynamic DJ UNIC is widely known and respected for her skills on the decks. UNIC’s sets feeds off high energy from her crowd and translates that energy back into her set, keeping her party goers partying from dusk to dawn.

DJ: Sakura

DJ Sakura’s sound transcends various genres of music, flirting with Commercial and Electronic Dance Music whilst hinting at Rnb and Hip Hop. DJ Sakura is both a delight to the eye and the ear, and her appearance and her phenomenal flair for finding the right sound has made her rise through the ranks rapidly with a fan base that grows larger and larger with every event.

DJ: Reiko

DJ Reiko’s sets have the ability to make people bounce and bring the roof down. Her music is stylish like herself as she works her way through the party circuit. No stranger to the scene, she is currently the resident DJ of Singapore’s most popular mega-club, FashionTV Club Singapore. With her intricate sound manipulation and innovation, she puts that very passion into every set she does, creating a truly unique sound – one of harmonic balance and euphoria.

DJ: Red

MC/DJ Red is an all-rounded artiste that has over 5 years of experience, in most aspects of the entertainment industry, under her belt. Red has performed for many reputable brands, from Garena and SONY, to the likes of Pierre Balmain, TALLY WEiJL and DIOR. Mixed American-Chinese, Red is an open-format DJ that has spun at some of the top mega clubs in Singapore, such as Zouk and FashionTV Club. She was previously the resident DJ of Baliza, Skyline Lounge, and Ratio Ultra Lounge and is currently the resident DJ of Get Juiced.

DJ: Momo

DJ: Highness

Developing from within Singapore’s ever-evolving electronic music scene, Pearlyn, also currently widely known as DJ Highness, began her journey into the world of EDM and DJ-ing at the tender age of 18, making her one of the youngest commercial DJs in Singapore. She’s known to perform a wide ranges of styles and sounds ranging from party anthems and EDM to House and Top40s. Her enthusiasm and passion for music continues to fuel her creativity and drives to perform her very best everywhere. Highness has also set her heart on music production and is currently striving to produce her own music in the near future.

DJ: Farah Farz

DJ Farah Farz cutting-edge party rocking beats fills venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies. Her adaptibility to various genres enables her to be flexible and blend in with the styles of different crwods. Farah Farz provides a refreshing change in the female DJ market with her overwhelming sick basslines and energetic rhythms.

DJ: Aurora

Aurora started off as a stalwart for the entertainment scene in Singapore, providing the marketing touch behind CÉ LA VI Singapore at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. Surrounded and inspired by the veterans who came before her, Aurora began her own foray in music exploration. Her music selection is largely inspired by jazzy and soulful influences, organic sounds and melodic riffs, which manifests in a classy blend of house, nu disco, funk, soul and afro latin.

Aurora’s made her mark on the decks at Singapore Cocktail Week, Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix’s premium Twenty3 Lounge, Neon Lights (Silent Disco), Tanjong Beach Club, COMO Dempsey, Straits Clan, Bar Rouge and Origin Bar at Shangri-La among others. Her music has allowed her to grace the decks in London at Bluebird, Avenue and South Place Hotel. She has warmed up for international acts like Goldroom and Pete Herbert, while past residencies include CÉ LA VI and presently at Kilo Kitchen. Apart for DJing, Aurora runs her own entertainment consultancy, A Phat Cat Collective.

DJ - Yujin

Like the evolution of house music itself, YuJin has travelled the musical journey with more than 20 years of experience under his belt. From soul, funk, disco to house and techno, YuJin’s versatility as a DJ is as varied as the genre he first took root in 1996.

Over two decades, YuJin have played alongside heavyweights such as Roger Sanchez, Jesse Saunders, Franky Rizardo, Felix Da Housecat, Breach, Steve Bug, Simon Dunmore and many more.
A lasting presence on Singapore’s electronic music scene and having helmed residencies in the country’s coolest clubs, YuJin never fails to get the dance floor grooving to his sexy vibe.


YA5TH’s journey with music began with the Hip Hop culture. And that led to all the different types of elements that eventually laid the base to what he has brought to his sound today.

His awareness of those funky beats and rhythms, has developed his eclectic style which holds no boundaries to him expressing in venues around.

Encompassing influences of Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Disco, Soul, Afro/Latin, Brazilian, his strong and loyal base of people is only testament to his talent and reputation.

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DJ - Stephen Day

Stephen started his career at 17 years old in the north east of England in 1998, where he gained a three night weekly residency in the main room of the best club in his hometown of Darlington playing his passion, deep and soulful music house music. After a few months he took up more offers of residencies and guest events all around the cities and towns of the northeast.

His latest release comes out soon on Asian label ‘Eclesia Records’ including a sizzling remix from the man in form ‘Pezzner’. Stephen’s previously release on the renown Irish DJ/Producer ‘Scope’s’ label ‘Seven Music’ reached number 14 on the Deep house chart on traxsource. Stephen is currently resident at new super club Avalon in Singapore and CÉ LA VI (SG). He is still working on his productions during his spare time and has just signed a new remix to Chicago label ‘Large’ records.

DJ - Sivanesh

Realising that only quality matters and genres do not, 2018 sees Sivanesh spending more time at the Skybar over at CÉ LA VI Singapore, soundscaping the gorgeous sundowners from the 57th floor of the premier rooftop destination in Singapore with his brand of tropical-centric eclecticism.

As long as its got some grooves and some soul, its in the bag. With that mantra, his playlists span anything and everything from funk,
soul, disco, afro, Latin, house, techno, drum & bass and broken beats.

Citing Personal heroes such as Deetron and Kerri Chandler on having
played a major part in shaping his formative musical years, his
sonics are best described as ‘soul and groove-influenced’.

DJ - Passion

DJ Passion is a Singapore-based UK Expat DJ & Producer at the cutting edge of the House scene. From the first track aired in a pirate radio studio in 1994, through to crowds of 3,000 on the most prestigious dance floors in Europe, DJ Passion has a proven pedigree in keeping his audience entertained and begging for more. The last two years have seen Passion spread his signature sound across South-East Asia, performing in Jakarta, Bali and Kuala Lumpur for the first time, playing at the exclusive Cloud Lounge, Coccoon Beach Club and the raw, underground Sweatbox.

With a proven production pedigree via releases and remixes licensed to Warner, Universal, EMI and Sony, 2018 sees DJ Passion gain momentum In the recording studio withhis remix of Industry Standard “Justify” topping the Traxsource Pre-Order charts and further cementing his status as a peak time crowd pleaser.

DJ - Maverick

Being a veteran in the industry since 1998, career began under the influence of others as well as the love of music. Maverick performed in private events in the cities and beach parties in Singapore as well as overseas. The multi-talented Maverick has entices audiences at countless events with his colourful personality.

DJ - Kid Fiesta

Franc Gooding AKA Kid Fiesta has been immersed in the dance music scene since the early 1990’s, growing up on a staple diet of hip hop and early house in Manchester clubs such as The Hacienda. Landing his first residency at an underground house night in Bradford West Yorkshire, Kid Fiesta cut his teeth alongside UK House Pioneer Darius Syrossian with the two playing monthly events at one of the north of England’s largest raves between 1994-97.

Now residing in Singapore, Kid Fiesta is the man behind the hugely successful Silent Disco Asia events that have been mushrooming around the island state, and the newly launched event brand The Foundation – a new night dedicated to putting the nu disco and disco edit scene front and center in Singapore. The launch night featured guest DJs sets from Ray Mang and Alan Dixon from Midnight Riot Records, and the follow up party in July 2018 will welcome Faze Action for the second installment.

Another recent accolade include a stunning mix put out on the official Ministry of Sound that’s racking up thousands of hits:

DJ - Joshua P

Joshua P started off as a disco mobile jockey in 1999, which naturally makes him a veteran hero in the local club scene. His love for music and versatility gave him an edge, which grabbed the attention of many local clubs in Singapore.

Expect only the classiest of sounds when Joshua helms the decks, ranging from house, funk, soul, afro, disco, techno,  tech-house, drum n bass, dub, jazz and breaks. The bottom line is as long as it’s got groove, it’s in his set. His residency includes Fashion Bar by the famous Fashion TV (FTV), Aurum by Clinic, QBAR,Hacienda and KU DÉ TA. Having played alongside local and international DJs such as Jose Padilla, Stephane Pompuognac, Ramon Tapia, Wehbba, Satin Jackets, Wankelmut, AKA AKA, Yass, Goldroom, Kraak & Smaak, ATFC, Le Marquis and  Jose Marquez, just to name a few. He even opened for Incubus during their Asian tour in Singapore. Joshua’s influence spreads beyond Singapore having played on an international stage including stints at the famous Potatohead Beach Club in Bali, Lost Heaven on the Bund in Shanghai and Section 8 in Melbourne.

When not assaulting the decks in the local bars and clubs, Joshua used to be a regular feature on Meshradio, an online radio show comprising Singapore’s best musical minds – DJs, producers and music lovers – who share a passion for good music and talent for production.

He became the Head of entertainment DJ at KU DÉ TA Singapore which later changed to CÉ LA VI, where he plays and oversees the entertainment progamme.

DJ - David Carollo

David started djing in 2005, and played in several of the major clubs/events in Milan (Expo 2015, Milano Fashion Week, Salone del Mobile, Fuorisalone, Magazzini Generali, Masada, Leonkavallo, Amnesia, Chiringuito Forlanini, Piscine Saini, Blackhole, etc.) and with some italian big djs like Alberto Visi,
Francesco Farfa, Adriano Canzian, Idriss D and Luca Corsi. He also brought his set overseas in Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Singapore and Thailand. From Spring 2015 member – with his bro Michel Meroni a.k.a. Miskia – of the techno/house project A1kS (A Thousand Shades). The duo played in several events/clubs in Italy and overseas (Czech Republic, Germany and Singapore). In the meantime, he also leads a program on the Italian radio BMradio.

DJ - Brendon P

He prefers the low-profile, lo-fi approach to his work, but, with a career that’s 3 and a half decades young and still growing, Brendon P has a long history of Clubs and Music.; starting out in 1980, in the local mobile circuit, and moving on to Clubs a year later. A visit to New York in 1984, and visiting clubs such as the Funhouse, the Paradise Garage, Dancetaria and Area weaned him into the New York club culture, and into the music that was to become the house music that we hear today. Crossing vast musical backgrounds over his years as a DJ, both locally and internationally, he continued to acquire a keen ear and passion for dance music.

From doing the Club rounds in the 80’s, both locally and internationally, with the Juliana’s and Bacchus groups, residencies with Neo Pharaohs, Venom and NOX in the 90’s, a 8 year residency at the globally renowned, Zouk Club in Singapore, between July 2001 to June 2009, a 2 year Residency at Kyo, and spending 4 years on the team of Residents at the Swanky CE LA VI Rooftop Club & Skybar at Marina Bay Sands, he continues to be a regular feature in the local and International Club Circuit today.

Annual Blues & Rock Jam: The Craic Horse

Two of Singapore’s most established traditional Celtic musicians join forces with rock and indie artists for a punchy folk-rock-punk-funk hybrid. Merging electric fiddle, mandolin, tin whistles, sax, electric guitar, bass, drums, and belligerent vocals, The Craic Horse have been hailed as one of the most original acts in Singapore. As energetic as they are irreverent – this is music to dance and drink to.

Annual Blues & Rock Jam: Dirty Perfect

Dirty Perfect are a 3 piece rocking machine known for their funk rock approach of playful  lyrics, infectious guitar driven riffs, tub thumping bass grooves and their live & loaded drumming smackdowns while delivering their all or nothing attitude & putting on an energetic show to please the masses!

Annual Blues & Rock Jam: Al Terry & Victor Chen

Al Terry is an Australian blues harmonica player and vocalist who specialises in the big amplified tone of the Chicago blues. Victor Chen is one of Singapore’s premier blues guitarists, who specialises in the finger picking blues of the Mississippi delta. As a duo they deliver authentic live performances of songs from blues pioneers such as Robert Johnson, Skip James, Muddy Waters, Mississippi Fred McDowell, John Lee Hooker, and more…all performed with taste and raw power.