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444 Imperial Pastry Stout

444 Imperial Pastry Stout

Booth No : B8, B9 & B15

Exhibitor: Smith Street Taps & Friends

Brewery: One Drop Brewing Co.

These rites affirm the sacred wheel of mix-ferment-consume, the sacredness of the humble grain, the natural connection to the cocoa bean, oneness with divine intervention that drives fermentation, all expressed through the goddess-like medium of aqua. There are rites that honour timely traditions of olde with the evolutionary times of the new. From the many, from the dark, a few runes light an arc: CHᎧፈᎧᏝᏗᏖᏋ CᏗᏦᏋ, ᏉᏗᏁᎥᏝᏝᏗ, CᏒᏋᏗᎷ. Shall the 4s be with you.