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Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit

Booth No : A37 & A38

Exhibitor : The 1925 Brewing Co.

Introducing "Black Rabbit Stout" - a limited-edition brew inspired by the iconic White Rabbit Sweet. This enchanting stout combines the robustness of a traditional stout with the nostalgic flavors of the beloved candy. With its deep ebony pour, creamy tan head, and a luscious blend of roasted malt, dark chocolate, caramelized toffee, and delicate hints of milky sweetness, Black Rabbit Stout offers a truly indulgent experience. A touch of aromatic hops adds balance and a gentle bitterness, creating a harmonious and complex flavor profile. Don't miss your chance to savor this ephemeral delight, as Black Rabbit Stout pays homage to childhood memories and exceptional craftsmanship in a single bottle