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Crushed Alive

Booth No : M24

Exhibitor: Rainforest Brewery Pte Ltd

Beer Style: Sour/ Wild Beer

ABV: 4.3%

Inspired by a local drink called Air Limau Asam Boi (Lime & Plum Juice in Malay), a refreshing Gose-style beer is crafted to perfection with a tantalizing blend of freshly squeezed tangy calamansi and sweet-salty sour plum (Asam Boi). Embrace the crisp, slightly salty character of Gose, elevated by the subtle zesty notes of calamansi and the delightful twist of sour plum. Lightly hopped with Motueka, this brew promises a crisp, citrusy adventure that'll leave you craving another sip.