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Booth No : M51

Exhibitor: Hitachino Nest - Menabrea

Beer Style: Amber/ Red/ Brown Ale

ABV: 5%

Golden-amber brew with roasted barley malts for a robust, caramel-infused flavour.

Produced using the same techniques and basic ingredients as the Blond lager, Menabrea’s Ambrata Lager differs by the addition of a proportion of roasted barley malts. These roasted malts add both color and body to the beer and also an enhanced, more robust and complex nose. Over the years, Menabrea’s brewers have created a beer with a little more alcohol than the lager for reasons of balance, and with an enhanced and more complex flavor profile. This beer has a golden-amber color with bronze undertones. It has a rounded, robust, slightly toffee/caramel flavor and nose but has maintained a level of drinkability not usually found in amber beers.