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Pretty Strong Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Pretty Strong Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Booth No : B17 & B20

Exhibitor : The Craft Alliance Pte Ltd

Our modern interpretation of a Belgian Golden Strong Ale, this comes in at a pretty high abv of 7%, yet it is deceivingly easy to polish off.

We chose a unique strain of yeast to shake the fermentation process up, giving the brew a subtle spiciness the likes of clove and pepper, alongside fruity nuances like orange, pear, and lemon. Medium-bodied, balanced with the grainy sweetness from the pilsner malt and slight warming alcohol flavours, this builds into a complex but easy-drinking pour that finishes dry. Basically, you're gonna get all that Belgian candy sugar notes but in an elegant and well-balanced manner—cheers to that!

ABV: 7.0%

Tasting Notes: Dry, Strong, Balanced, Candied Fruit