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Pure Blonde

Pure Blonde

Booth No : A71

Exhibitor : Platinum Wines & Spirits Pte Ltd

Brewery : Platinum Wines & Spirits Pte Ltd

A refreshing, full-flavoured lager, brewed using the finest ingredients. Pure Blonde is brewed with no added preservatives to deliver an easy-drinking, ultra low carb beer. Hersbrucker hops add a floral and herbal aroma balancing the light style of the beer.

Ultra Low Carb - Pure Blonde is brewed longer to break down more natural sugars than usual, delivering a brew with 80% less carbohydrates than regular beer.

Lower Calorie - With 50% less calories than wine per mL* and 30% less calories than regular beer, Pure Blonde is loved for its pure, crisp taste.

Low Gluten - Although we make Pure Blonde with malted barley (which contains Gluten), our brewing process breaks down the Gluten.