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Survivor Type

Survivor Type

Booth No : B8, B9 & B14

Exhibitor: Smith Street Taps & Friends

Brewery: Deeds Brewing

Are you a Survivor Type? In other words, will you do whatever it takes to get the job done? Our job is to forcefully pack massive flavour into a little tin can. A little can that we want to immediately crack open. Survivor Type represents our dedication to taking this job to the next level. Flaked and malted wheat alongside oat malt gives us a thick, creamy haze backed with a double digit ABV. The bitterness is complemented by a 30 g/L dry-hop using two of our long-time favourites, Galaxy and Motueka. It’s a big dry-hop, but we always find a way. That's because we believe in whatever it takes. May this be your desert island beer. Drink it and ask yourself again: Are you a Survivor Type?