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Yuzu Pale Ale x Tinnies Collab

Yuzu Pale Ale x Tinnies Collab

Booth No : B8, B9 & B12

Exhibitor: Smith Street Taps & Friends

Brewery: Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Moon Dog Tinnies Yuzu is both zesty and refreshing. Made with real fruit juice and dry hopped its just downright delicious plus it's 100% Australian made and Vegan friendly. This beer will just jump out of any classic pub glass, but you can surprise and delight guests if you serve it up in a wine glass with ice and a shot of some bitter orange looking aperitif. The second in our Tinnies collaboration adventure, the Yuzu Pale Ale brings a delightfully citrusy kick. Yuzu is the greatest fruit known to humanity and the nose here shows why. With a blindfold on, I reckon youd be hard pressed to pick that this was even a beer. The opening chapters are all bucolic dreams of lemonade stands, sweet and refreshing until the final stages of the palate when a wild hint of malt appears. The bitterness perception is low with a light minerality providing the counterpoint to the perception of sweetness.