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Date : 2023-06-25

Time : 18:00

Pegasus band is a dynamic pop-rock cando band hailing from Singapore with their formation in 2013.

Leo Alex, who serves as the band leader and lead vocalist. He showcases his skillful guitar playing, adding an extra layer of depth to the band's sound.

The band features a roster of highly skilled musicians who bring their unique contributions to the group.

Jason, the band's drummer. Provides a solid foundation with his precise and rhythmic beats. The pulsating energy and infectious grooves created by Jason's drumming lay the groundwork for the band.

Charlene, the bassist. Her seamless bass lines provides the backbone of the band's sound, adding a driving force that propels their songs forward. In addition, Charlene also showcases her vocal abilities that adds another layer of depth and versatility to the band's performances. Her dual talents as a bassist and vocalist make her a valuable asset to the band, contributing to their overall sound and musical expression.

Zavier, the keyboardist. Playing weaves intricate layers of sound, enhancing the band's sonic tapestry and creating captivating textures.

Dennis, the second guitarist adds another dimension to Pegasus band's music. His guitar work complements Leo Alex's playing, creating a harmonious blend of melodies and captivating guitar-driven moments.

Together, the members of Pegasus band form a tight-knit musical unit. Each contributing their unique talents and passion to create a cohesive and captivating sound.

Since the formation of Pegasus band has been thrilling audiences with their infectious energy and powerful live performances. Their ability to seamlessly blend pop sensibilities with rock influences sets them apart, creating a distinct sound that resonates with fans of various genres. As they continue to evolve and push musical boundaries. Pegasus band is ready to soar to a new heights.