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Ultra Vibrance

Ultra Vibrance

Date : 2023-06-25

Time : 10:30

Whether you catch her live or tune in to one of her sets online, one thing is clear: Ultra Vibrance just wants to make you dance.

UV's sets will take you on a journey through the many flavours of house music, from funky to tech, organic to progressive, and deep to disco, meticulously curated for the space where she plays at that moment.

Being a Gemini, there are two sides to her stream of musical consciousness. One side of UV loves to play music that anyone can get up and boogie to, with her sets characterised by groovy melodies, surprising throwbacks, and catchy vocals. UV's other musical side can take listeners on an organic and cosmic journey with deep, melodic, and progressive beats that reverberate through your soul and the far-reaching universe.

One thing's for sure: you will be taken on a unique journey each time as UV blend's House music sub genres seamlessly (it's not about the destination, let’s dance and enjoy the journey).